Different Types of Earrings

Depending on the season, our wardrobes instantly shifts from neutrals to prints and patterns. At She Nouveau we strongly believe every well-dressed woman has a jewelry collection that compliments her everyday needs. Let's take a walk through the different types of earrings offered at She Nouveau.

 stud earrings

  • Without a doubt, studs are the most popular style of earrings. Stud earrings are extremely versatile and can be worn with a variety of jewelry pieces. Studs are placed directly on the earlobe.

They can take many shapes, the most popular of them all is the round stud. They normally feature a gem in a variety of shapes and cuts (e.g., pearls, gems or diamonds).

hoop earrings 

  • Hoops are earrings with a circular design. Generally made from metals, hoops feature a wire closure that passes through an ear piercing. The classic hoop is round, but there are many shapes of hoops that include oval, square or diamond shapes. All these come in different sizes, from dainty to extra large that hand on your shoulders.


  • Teardrop earrings are generally constructed with a push-back or wire hook closure. They are fixed on the lobe and usually medium in size. They are part of the dangling earring family, although there are other styles available.

The reason the tear drop design is significance is because it is associated with the idea of tears of joy and romance.  Which is another reason many engagement  rings have the same cut. Similar to studs, tear drops are classic and timeless.

tassel earrings

  • Tassel earrings always feature fabric/string tassels. When made out of metal, tassels usually include a multitude of slim chains that start from the same point, resembling an actual metallic tassel. Other styles have a multitude of tiny beads, mother of pearl charms or other ornaments.

They can be dangly, bouncy, and playful, statement pieces. The most common types of tassels are embroidery floss, but some are made out of lace or other textile materials.

chandelier earring

  • Chandelier earrings get their name from dangles that hang from the base. They are one of the largest dangling styles that can range from elegant to funky. They are enhanced by colored gemstones ranging from diamonds to pearls, rhinestones, and more.

 shoulder duster

  • Similar to Chandelier, Shoulder dusters are extra-long, dangly earrings that reach the shoulders. They are an obvious statement piece that require no further additions (such as necklaces), as they stand out on their own. Assigned designs include chains, filigree, and gemstones that are usually placed in slim, linear designs.